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Rhinitis & Clarifix

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Stuffy Nose: What is rhinitis?

A stuffy nose is a simple term for nasal congestion. When the nasal passages become irritated, they become inflamed, produce excess mucus, and cause that stuffy nose feeling. Nasal congestion can be caused by many health conditions and requires an appointment with a board-certified ENT for proper diagnosis.

What causes a stuffy nose?

Infections: the most common cause of a stuffy nose is an infection. Viral infections must run their course, and symptoms can be managed with most over-the-counter medications, fluids, and plenty of rest. Bacterial sinus infections will need antibiotics to help cure the infection. Taking antibiotics for a viral infection is pointless. It is always important for your ENT to distinguish which type of infection is present.

Allergic Rhinitis: The inflammatory response you experience when exposed to an allergen is  allergic rhinitis. In addition to a stuffy nose, you may also experience itching, sneezing, and coughing. Over-the-counter antihistamines are the first line of defense for most allergy sufferers. If these medicines are not providing adequate symptom relief, it may be time to visit your ENT for more aggressive treatment options. 

Structural Abnormalities: A structural abnormality is a physical deformity within the nasal cavity. It can be due to an old injury or a birth defect. 

Stuffy nose relief with ClariFix

You hate going back to the doctor to only hear you need a round of antibiotics and nasal spray. What if there was another option? One that isn’t invasive surgery. ClariFix Cryotherapy is a safe and clinically proven treatment option for those suffering from rhinitis. 

ClariFix works by targeting the source of your stuffy nose symptoms – the nerves. The overactive nerves in your sinuses are producing signals to your brain, which causes the constant runny, stuffy nose. 

How does ClariFix work?

ClariFix is performed right in your ENT’s office. This minimally invasive procedure only takes a few minutes to perform, and simply requires a local anesthetic. An endoscope with the ClariFix device is inserted into your nasal cavity to locate the overactive nerves. Once located, cryotherapy is used to soothe and permanently relieve the nerves. Downtime is minimal, and most patients will experience symptom relief within a month. 

Are you ready to leave your stuffy nose in the past? Find out today is ClariFix if right for you.

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